Risk Based Inspection

AIM has extensive resources available to undertake RBI using standard regulatory requirements per ABSA, API and client specific requirements along with additional and more advanced analysis using holistic and statistical modelling. Our technical personnel have significant experience in developing reliability and risk models which can be tailored to our client’s needs. Our experience within the oil and gas industry has identified that sometimes we have to go a little further than required to make the information we collect more meaningful.

Survivor functions above show what percentage of a wall is above a certain thickness, the inverse of this Function can also be used to determine the percentage of wall thickness below the minimum required.

We can minimize the margin of error in calculating corrosion rates by using simple statistical modelling that again use more holistic approaches to standard corrosion management practices and improve accuracy and the determination of risk and reliability.

Whatever RBI or corrosion management scopes you have, AIM have the resources and experience to manage it professionally.